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Ephesus Tours

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per person$149
  • Tour Code: CS-K01
  • Highlights: Isa Bey Mosque, Ephesus City, shrine of Mother Mary, Temple Of Artemis (Diana).
  • Duration: Approx 8 hours
  • Departures: From Istanbul please contact with us for departure from izmir and Kusadasi
per person$65
  • Tour Code: CS-K02
  • Highlights: Hierapolis & Pamukkale
  • Location: Pamukkale
  • Duration: Approx 9 Hours
  • Departure: From Kusadasi / Selcuk all year round
per person$60
  • Tour Code: CS-K04
  • Highlights: Priene City, Miletus City, Didyma and Apollo Temple
  • Duration: Approx 8 hours
  • Departures: From Kusadasi / Selcuk all year round Wednesday and Sunday

Pergamon Tour Turkey 01 Jan 1970

per person$85
  • Tour Code: CS-IZM02
  • Highlights: Pergamon Acropolis & Asclepion.
  • Duration: Approx 9 Hours
  • Departures: Sunday - Wednesday

Sardes and Izmir Tour 01 Jan 1970

per person$65
  • Tour Code: CS-IZM05
  • Highlights: Sardis, Kadifekale Castle, Kemeralti Market
  • Duration: Approx 7,5 Hours
  • Departures: Private, Everyday

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Double Tree Hilton Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

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Suhan 360 Hotel Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

Suhan 360 Hotel Kusadasi Category : 5 star Hotel Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 144 Rooms Room Facilities; Air conditioning, Minibar, Coffee/tea maker, Slippers, Private bathroom, Rainfall showerhead, Free toiletries, Hair

Charisma Hotel Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

Charisma Hotel Kusadasi Category : 5 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 133 Rooms, 291 Beds, 116 Standard Rooms, 1

Kismet Hotel
Kusadasi Turkey

Kismet Hotel Category : 4 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 101 rooms, 206 beds, 3 suites, 12 deluxe rooms. Room

Korumar Hotel Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

Korumar Hotel Kusadasi Category : 5 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 272 Rooms, 201 Standard Rooms, 3 Room for

Fantasia Hotel Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

Fantasia Hotel Kusadasi Category : 5 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 335 Rooms, 710 Beds, 271 Standard Rooms, Junior

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Carina Boutique Hotel
Kusadasi Turkey

Carina Boutique Hotel Category : Boutique Hotel Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 58 rooms Room Facilities ; Air conditioning, Ceiling fan, Minibar, Turndown service, Balcony, Private bathroom, Shower only, Hair dryer, LCD

Derici Hotel Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey

Derici Hotel Kusadasi Category : 4 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 87 Rooms, 174 Beds, 84 Standard Rooms, 3

Efe Boutique Hotel
Kusadasi Turkey

Efe Boutique Hotel Category : S Class Boutique Hotel Location : Kusadasi Capacity : Hotel has 40 rooms including standard, deluxe rooms

Hotel Karaaslan
Kusadasi Turkey

Hotel Karaaslan Category : 4 Stars Location : Kusadasi Capacity : 65 Rooms, 130 Beds, 58 Standard Rooms, 2 Room


               Ancient Greek city of Asia Minor, near the mouth of the Menderes River, in what is today West Turkey, South of Smyrna (now Izmir). One of the greatest of the Ionian cities, it became the leading seaport of the region. Its wealth was proverbial. The Greek city was near an old center of worship of a native nature goddess, who was equated with the Greek Artemis, and c.550 B.C. a large temple was built. To this Croesus, who captured the city, contributed. This enclosure for archaeological remains at Ephesuselegantly reconciles historic conservation with accessibility for visitors. The site of a succession of great ancient civilizations, Ephesus, on the south-west coast of modern Turkey, embodied a peculiarly fertile synthesis of architecture and culture. In 356BC the Greeks built the Artemesium (a colossal Ionic temple dedicated to Artemis the fertility goddess) which was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. During the 2nd century BC, Ephesus was the fourth largest city in the eastern Roman Empire, famous for its Artemesium, the Library of Celsus and its medical school.

            When Lydians attacked their cities, Ephesians defended themselves by tying a rope from The Temple of Artemis.But it was not a good way to defend a city. Croesus of Lydia captured it easily however he did not destroy. The city reached the "Golden Age" and became a good model to the Antic World in culture and art, as well. Building of the Artemission was going on.Croesus had a great respect to Artemis and he donated 36 columns with sculptures in relief. Some parts of these sculptures are in the British Museum today.

              From Lydian control Ephesus passed to the Persian Empire. The temple was burned down in the 4th cent. B.C., but rebuilding was begun before Alexander the Great took Ephesus in 334. The city continued to thrive during the wars of his successors, and after it passed (133) to the Romans it kept its hegemony and was the leading city of the province of Asia. The great temple of Artemis, or Artemis, called by the Romans the temple of Diana, was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From c.100 B.C. to c. A.D. 100 Ephesus was the world capital of the slave trade.

         The city was sacked by the Goths in A.D. 262, and the temple was destroyed. The seat of a church council in 431, Ephesus was abandoned after the harbor silted up. Excavations (1869-74) of the ruins of the temple brought to light many artifacts. Later excavations uncovered important Roman and Byzantine remains. Quoted from The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.In a Christian version of a widespread story, martyrs immured in a cave near Ephesus during the persecutions by Decius (c.250). Long afterward, in the 5th cent., they awoke (as from sleep) and were taken before Theodosius II, Roman emperor of the east. Their story reassured the emperor, who had been wavering in his faith. The youths returned to their cave, to sleep again until Judgment.